When Nancy Pelosi Is Not Your Mama, Here’s Why She’s the Best President to Run for President

Nancy Pelosi has always been a staunch opponent of the so-called “war on poverty.”

In fact, Pelosi has become something of a social justice warrior.

Now, the House Minority Leader is trying to turn her back on the cause that her husband once famously decried as “welfare for the rich.”

“There are two ways to combat poverty,” Pelosi said at a Democratic town hall in New Hampshire, referring to a report by the Congressional Budget Office that found that cutting federal benefits to the poor would cost $13.3 trillion over a decade.

“One is to cut social programs and take the money and use it to increase spending on the rest of us.

And the other is to fight the war on poverty, to work with people to actually help people.”

Pelosi has been a fierce critic of President Donald Trump and his administration since her husband, then-Speaker Pelosi, was elected in 2015.

She has repeatedly lambasted Trump’s policies on immigration, climate change, trade, and other social issues.

Pelosi has also called for a new round of mass deportation, saying the U.S. is “on the cusp of a tipping point” with immigrants, especially Latinos, who have become “marginalized.”

The Huffington Post recently asked Pelosi if she has any regrets from her time as House Minority leader, and she said, “It’s a difficult question to answer.

I have never been happier.

I think I am more comfortable now than I have ever been, but I think there is always the possibility that there are things that were right that were wrong.

There are things I have learned, but there are always things that I have forgotten.”