Why Trump’s wealth is rising faster than we thought

We’re living in a bubble, and that bubble is headed for an explosive collapse.

That collapse, if it happens, will be a major blow to the economy, our economy, and our future.

So far, the bubble has held strong.

But if it bursts, the whole world will look like it has.

And the consequences could be huge.

That’s the conclusion of the latest Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll on the subject.

As we’ve seen in the past, a large percentage of Americans think the economy is in the midst of a bubble.

The Journal/Times poll shows the average American’s net worth is up more than 50 percent since 2007, and it’s up about 2.5 times faster than the median household’s net wealth.

In other words, Americans are now much wealthier than they were before the 2008 financial crisis, and they’re much wealthier now than they’ve ever been.

The economy isn’t perfect.

We’ve seen the same problem in recent years.

But the biggest problem is that the vast majority of Americans don’t feel their wealth is being properly distributed.

The Wall Street Times recently reported that in 2016, just 4 percent of Americans said they had enough money to cover basic living expenses.

That compares to 37 percent in 2011 and 56 percent in 2007.

But it’s even worse when it comes to the wealthy.

Only 10 percent of wealthy Americans say they’re making enough money that they’re not spending more on their standard of living.

Even if the economy did get back on track, that would be a disaster for the vast bulk of Americans.

That includes the median family that has children in college, the median worker, the average worker with college degrees, the typical worker retiring, and the typical retiree.

It’s time for the Trump administration to take action.

For the first time in decades, a majority of middle-income Americans (54 percent) say the economy doesn’t do enough to lift them out of poverty, and those numbers are even worse among those earning $100,000 or more a year.

If the Trump White House wants to get ahead of the crisis, it needs to focus on helping the middle class.

It’s time to put aside our differences and work together to make the economy better for everyone.

Trump needs to put a focus on rebuilding the middle-class, and he needs to start by putting people back to work.

And he should make the recovery his top priority.