Which stocks are the safest for retirement?

A look at which stocks are most likely to provide you with the most retirement income in the coming years, and what those assets might look like for the average person.

Read More The report, titled Retirement Income, is based on research that focuses on income from retirement savings, not taxable income.

The report says the typical person has a retirement savings account of $1 million or more, with a high amount of taxable income, and the majority of this is held by women.

Women have higher average net worths than men, with average networths for women being about $1.2 million compared to $950,000 for men.

The average net wealth for women is $4,827, while for men it is about $3,000, according to the report.

Women have the lowest average income of the genders, with women averaging about $22,000 more in income than men.

For people under age 65, median net worth is $15,000 compared to the median net wealth of $75,000.

Men have higher median net assets, at $45,000 than women.

The report also says that women are more likely to invest in stocks than men and earn higher returns on their investments.

Women who invest in bonds, which tend to have lower interest rates, earn more than those who invest exclusively in stocks.

Men tend to hold more cash compared to women, with men holding about $9,000 less than women on average, while women hold about $8,000 in cash.

People under age 60 hold about a third of all the assets held by retirees, with people ages 55-64 holding more than half of all retirement assets, the report said.