Which countries are the top 10 richest people in the world?

Wintrust, a global wealth management company, released its 2017 Wealth Ecosystem Report on Wednesday.

The report was based on data from the 2016 Wealth Erosion Index.

According to the report, the world’s richest 5 percent of individuals own over half of all the world total wealth.

The wealthiest 1 percent of the population owns only 2 percent of total wealth, while the bottom 60 percent owns only 10 percent of wealth.

“The wealth of the global population continues to grow and is on the cusp of surpassing $1 trillion,” Wintrofs co-founder and CEO John McElroy said in a statement.

“With the growth of wealth inequality, the growing demand for a more equitable distribution of wealth, and the increasing complexity of today’s financial systems, it is important that people in this sector understand the challenges facing them.”

Wintr is the world leader in the wealth management market.

It is based in Singapore and is owned by the Singaporean government.

The company reported revenues of $2.2 billion in 2016.

Wintrg also provides financial services to clients.

It operates more than 100 offices in more than 50 countries and provides a wealth management platform for more than 200,000 people.

It has about 2,400 employees.

Wipro is the largest global wealth manager and offers investment advice, as well as a wealth platform for individuals.

WIPRO was founded in 2005 and has more than 400 offices worldwide.

The firm is based at the Singapore-based Nasdaq-listed company’s headquarters in Singapore.

In a statement, Nasdaq said it was pleased to see the growth and success of Wintrib, and it will continue to invest in the company’s growth as it continues to build the platform for people.

“Our team is dedicated to helping Wipros members to take full advantage of the benefits Wiprs global platform provides, as it works to further its mission of helping individuals, businesses, and governments to better understand and manage their wealth,” the company said. 

Read more about the 2017 Wealth Index: The wealth index was first released in 2014 and is considered the world market for wealth, with a sample size of 500 countries.

It uses a formula based on the wealth of individuals in each country to estimate wealth. 

In 2017, Wintros wealth index included assets held in bank accounts, stocks, bonds, and bonds of other financial institutions, as measured by the assets of the largest financial institutions.