Which is more important in football: the money or the position?

A lot of footballers are earning millions of pounds in salary but are unable to live like the rich.

But a group of Australian footballers have decided to challenge the idea that the most important thing in football is the money.

In the first episode of the show, they’re looking to change the way they view football.

And they’re succeeding.

The pair, who have never before appeared on the show – they’re only known as Jeff and Jeff – are one of the most successful footballers in the world.

As the hosts, they look to change how we think about the money in sport.

In this episode of The Sport Bibles podcast, they discuss:The difference between wealth and the positionIn the world of football, which player makes more money than the otherIn the business of footballIn the sport of rugbyIn the life of a billionaireThe journey to becoming the richest footballer in the country, Jeff and his team are on a mission to make football more appealing to fans.