How to invest your sudden wealth

Mike Bloomberg says his sudden wealth is a “blessing”.

But his sudden and unexpected wealth was created in a very short period of time.

In fact, his sudden fortune came as a surprise to him and his wife.

He said he had been on a “life-changing” journey.

“I am very blessed to be in a position to save for my retirement.

I have done everything right to put in place the savings I have, and now it’s a blessing.”

Mr Bloomberg said he decided to save a few hundred dollars in a “trendy” job.

“In a recession or a recessionary period it’s not that easy.

I would not be making that much money now if I had not been so focused on that,” he said.”

When you’ve saved money you can start to think about the future and start thinking about your future.”

Mr Brown, who has an investment portfolio of $US1 million, said he was a “lot more cautious” about saving for retirement than his peers.

“We do not need to have that much saved for retirement.

That’s the reason we’re a lot more cautious than most people, because we’ve got to keep our heads above water and not worry about the rest of the world,” he explained.”

My wife is in her early 30s and she’s got a good job and is getting on really well and we are very fortunate to have the savings in the bank.”

The family had also been saving for their first child’s future.

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