A new book reveals how money shaped Britain’s political history – but how it came to be the world’s most unequal nation

A new edition of The Sport Book reveals how Britain’s economic and social history has been shaped by the influence of the money that had its origins in the country’s aristocracy.

The book traces the evolution of the wealth and power of the royal family from its origins to the present day.

The Sports Book is based on the work of British historian Sir Richard Burton, who founded the first English academic body for the study of sports in the 14th century.

Sir Richard was a keen observer of how money worked in Britain, and in particular of how it shaped the political fortunes of the aristocracy.

“His books are a fascinating and valuable reference guide, and his books are among the most valuable collections of modern literature in England,” Professor Paul Johnson, director of the Centre for Sports Studies at the University of Manchester, said.

“In the Sports Book, Burton draws on the latest research in economics, sociology, history and economics to give us a fascinating insight into the evolution and politics of the British royal family over the last century.”

A new biography of the Queen, the first Queen Elizabeth II biography in over 70 years, will also be published in 2018.

The new book will be published by the Royal Historical Society and is part of the Society’s long-term research into the lives and careers of British royalty.

Sir Peter Jennings, a historian of sport at the Royal College of Sport, said the new book was a timely reminder of how much has changed since the mid-19th century, when England’s elite were able to enjoy the privileges of the nobility.

“This book tells the story of the rise and fall of the countrys royal family,” he said.

The sport books will be available in the spring.

Professor Jennings said the focus on sports as a key driver of wealth and political power for the British monarchy had never before been explored.

“It was never really acknowledged that the royal elite, like the rest of society, had an enormous amount of power and wealth and influence,” he explained.

The Sports Books are available from September 1.”

Sport is just a very, very, big, very important thing for a country to have.”

The Sports Books are available from September 1.