Why is the NBA not using the term “wealthy”?

A few weeks ago, I posted a column that explored the question of how the term wealth is used in the NBA.

I asked, “Who uses the word ‘wealthy’ to describe an individual?”

The majority of my readers said that they didn’t use the term.

The reason I asked this was to make it clear that the NBA doesn’t have a word to describe the average NBA player, even though many of its players are millionaires.

As a basketball fan, I would be inclined to agree with that view.

As you’ll see below, the NBA has had an unending parade of millionaires, billionaires, and millionaires-in-the-making, all of whom are, by definition, wealthier than the average American.

To understand why the term ‘wealth’ isn’t used, you need to understand the word “wealth.”

As a child growing up in the 1980s, my mother used to call me “Pappy.”

“Pipp” meant “good fortune,” and “Pippi” meant the sweet-natured little girl in your neighborhood.

But the word was an insult, and my mother had to use the more neutral term “pitties” to describe a large family.

“Pigeons,” by contrast, meant “people who are greedy.”

The term “Pig,” which I used as a kid, is still used in this way, and as I learned more about the NBA, I grew increasingly interested in the term itself.

It became obvious to me that the term wasn’t used by the NBA to describe its elite players.

What if we just started calling them “rich”?

In order to get the idea of wealth across, I began asking around.

When people were trying to figure out what the word meant, I was quick to point out that it meant something like “wealth,” “wealthful,” or “wealthiest.”

As my colleagues at the website Pro Basketball Talk would say, “That’s not a word you want to hear.”

And that was just the beginning.

When the word came up in conversation with other NBA fans, I started to hear people describe their NBA teams as “rich.”

This made sense to me, since the NBA is built around its stars, and those players are often very, very wealthy.

So, why are NBA teams so rich?

The answer lies in the word’s history.

Before the NBA began, the word referred to a group of players who had amassed considerable wealth and prestige, or “takers,” through a combination of success and the use of their name.

“Takers” are typically associated with white players, who were often referred to as “tippers” or “pipers.”

These were the players who played for teams in the National Basketball Association, including the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Milwaukee Bucks, the Brooklyn Nets, and the Chicago Bulls.

For the most part, the term was not used in terms of a specific group of white players.

The word was used to describe anyone who had made a significant investment in the team, and were therefore considered to be wealthy.

The name “Taker” was used primarily by black players, whose teams had little chance of winning championships.

As the NBA evolved, it became increasingly popular to use “rich” to refer to players who were able to acquire wealth through their playing career.

As NBA historian Dan Feldman writes in the book The Game, “The name ‘Taker’ was an obvious choice for NBA teams that wanted to distinguish themselves from other teams in terms: they were ‘Takers,’ not ‘pipers.'”

It was this distinction that helped NBA teams win championships in the 1950s and ’60s.

The NBA has been known to use various other terms to describe teams in other sports as well, such as “championship-caliber,” “the best team in the league,” or even “the greatest team in basketball.”

And those terms have helped differentiate the NBA teams from other professional sports teams.

“Championship” is used to refer specifically to teams that win the most games in a given season, and “best team in league” refers to teams who win a minimum of 20 games in the regular season and 20 games or more in the playoffs.

“The best team” was one of the more controversial terms in the game of basketball, but it is still very much used by some NBA fans.

In the late 1990s, the New York Times referred to the league’s “Big Four” as “the NBA’s top three teams,” even though those teams had never won more than 11 games in any season.

“NBA Champion” refers specifically to a team that is the most valuable team in a single season, with “NBA Finals MVP” referring to a player who wins a championship.

In order for the NBA’s teams to win championships, they have to be the most successful team in one season.

That’s why, in order to have a chance of becoming the best team ever, a team has to be able to win a majority of