Which companies can you build with the $1.2 trillion in cash and stock in the West?

What is the best place to invest your money in the US?

Where can you buy your next home?

Which companies have the most stock?

Which are the most leveraged?

Which industries are most profitable?

Which stocks have the biggest valuation?

And how do you compare companies in each of these categories?

In this episode, we look at which companies in the top 20 best-performing stocks in the world are based in the United States.

We also look at what kinds of stocks are most attractive in different markets.

The episode also includes interviews with leaders from many different industries, including investment bankers, investment advisors, and corporate finance executives.

In this episode:How does the stock market compare to other markets?

What kinds of companies are best-represented in each market?

What are the top-performing companies in different industries?

Why are these companies so popular?

And what can you learn from each?