Jazz musicians who have made a lot of money over the years have been ranked according to their wealth by Forbes

Jazz musicians have made an estimated $14 billion in total income since 1990, according to data compiled by the nonprofit WealthLine.

This figure is based on income earned from concert, recording, performing, recording-only, and other sources.

While that figure includes income from a variety of sources, it does not include royalties or other forms of income from sales of merchandise.

The chart below shows the top 20 wealthiest musicians who earned at least $10 million in total incomes over the past decade.

It is broken down by year and shows that musicians who made at least that much in income over the last five years earned an average of $9.7 million per year, or an estimated income of $22.6 million.

Here are the ten musicians who received the highest total income from any source during this decade.

The first name in the chart below is Jazz legend Louis Armstrong, who is currently on a $20 million tour.

He is followed by musician and singer John Mayer, who earned an estimated fortune of $20.5 million during this period.

This musician is also on a tour with Beyonce and Jay Z, who are making a total of $16 million per month.

Below him, the musicians who also made the highest income from all sources in the past five years is the musician/actress Jennifer Lopez, who has made an average income of about $18 million per quarter.

Below are the five highest-earning musicians from any single source during the last decade.

The sixth name is the singer-songwriter, singer-performer, and vocalist Amy Winehouse, who made an additional $5.6 billion in earnings.

She is followed closely by the actor John Malkovich, who was the fourth highest-paid musician at $9 million per season.

Below is the chart for the top five highest earners from any individual source.

The seventh name is Beyonce, who holds the record for the highest-income artist of all time at $20 billion per year.

Below is the seventh name from the highest earner in the top 10 for each year.

The eighth name is Jay Z who has earned an additional half a billion dollars during this five-year period.

Below that, the singer who made the largest total income of any musician is Beyoncé, who now has an estimated net worth of $45 billion.