The Senate will consider a $5 billion infrastructure bill to fund infrastructure for the United States and other countries

Congress will soon consider legislation to fund a number of infrastructure projects to build a resilient future, a White House official said Tuesday.

The bill, which could be voted on next week, would include a $1.9 billion for a new transportation infrastructure program.

The administration has long touted the program, which includes the infrastructure of highways, bridges, tunnels and airports.

The bill would also allow states to use federal funds to build new roads and bridges.

“We’ve been working closely with state and local officials across the country to put together a comprehensive infrastructure plan that includes projects across the entire country that can help us prepare for the impacts of climate change,” White House Deputy National Economic Council Director Matt Kibbe said.

The legislation would also provide $5.7 billion in additional funds for the National Flood Insurance Program and $532 million to the National Transit Administration to build the rail and bus system.

The House passed the bill last week.

The Senate passed the same legislation in March.

The Senate’s version of the bill passed the House last week, but the House voted down an amendment that would have required Congress to approve any major transportation projects before any federal funds would be available.